Cuckmere Community Bus

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Transporting the local community with its fleet of eight minibuses

Organisation type

Community transport

Award amount


Award date

March, 2016

Cuckmere Community Bus Ltd is a community business in East Sussex. It was set up in 1976 to provide local residents who did not have access to a car a reliable and competitively priced local bus service in the Cuckmere Valley region. This was at the request of the local community following the withdrawal of rural bus services by a commercial bus operator. It is a registered charity, and entirely run by volunteers.

The communities served by Cuckmere Community Bus feel that without this service, many elderly, sick, low-waged residents would be socially isolated and unable to reach vital services or visit friends. Their services run only where commercial bus services do not, and were used over 100,000 times last year. Concessionary fares also benefit anyone over the age of 65, making transport affordable as well as readily available.

“We’re delighted that Power to Change has awarded us a grant which will…help us continue to serve our customers and make the future more secure allowing us to grow by filling gaps in the transport market.”

Philip Ayers
– Managing Director, Cuckmere Community Bus

Key objectives & Outcomes

Grant purpose

The grant will fund one replacement minibus, to lower maintenance costs of their existing aged buses and to continue to allow Cuckmere Bus to operate, taking 100,000 passengers a year on 24 different services.

Accountable to the local community

To involve the community, Cuckmere Community Bus carries out customer surveys and operates a stakeholder board made up of representatives from the 12 local town and parish councils in the area.

Reducing isolation

Cuckmere Valley and neighbouring districts of East Sussex have a high population of over 65s. Without the minibuses many of the elderly residents would be isolated and unable to visit vital services, appointments or friends.