Craufurd Arms Pub

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The last pub in North Maidenhead saved by the community, for the community

Organisation type

Community owned pub


Maidenhead, Berkshire

Award date

January 2017

Key objectives & Outcomes

Grant purpose

A £50,000 grant and loan finance worth £70,000 was awarded through the More than a Pub programme. This helped The Craufurd Arms Society to purchase their pub, carry out essential renovations, and provide community resource for local people

Broad community impact

The Craufurd is an important hub for many community groups; a support group for the parents of autistic children and the ‘Maidenhead Memories’ elders’ group. The new café extends the pubs’ opening hours and increases time for social interactions

Accountable to the community

The property and the business are wholly owned by the Craufurd Arms’ 229 members who are regulars at the pub. The ‘Community Benefit Society’ legal structure includes a one member one vote policy so that each shareholder has an equal say