London Feedback Summit 2016

It’s a few weeks now since the Power to Change Research Institute was involved in the first Feedback Labs London event.

The conference brought together a wide-ranging group of participants from across domestic social programmes and international development. We heard from interesting projects who have taken user voice so seriously that it has changed every part of their organisations, like the Mayday Trust. Others, like the James Lind Alliance, have used voice to make substantive changes in very traditional areas, in this case, the setting of medical research priorities.

One of our Power to Change grantees and community business Spacious Place, shared their story of embedding feedback to support their constituents more effectively.

Across all participants we heard about the ways in which systematic feedback can improve services but also change the balance of power so that those we are seeking to help through our programmes are in the foreground of decision-making, not hidden behind compliance processes or funding priorities.

We captured some of the views of attendees at the conference in the videos here. If you’d like to know more about the potential of feedback, and why we’re supporting it at Power to Change, click play below.