Communities taking back control

Two recent news articles highlighting the different ways local communities are taking back control have inspired the Power to Change team.

Bob Thust, our Director of Community Business Programmes, highlights a Telegraph article about people in the Yorkshire town of Otley, who have successfully listed all 19 of the town’s pubs as assets of community value (ACVs), giving them protection at a time when 29 are closing each week across the country.

“This is a remarkable example of local people coming together to protect their community assets.  Listing assets as ACVs is a first step, but an important one.  What the people of Otley have achieved should provide huge encouragement to others.”

Read the article: The town that refuses to call last orders on its pubs: The Telegraph, 23 May

Sophie Macken, a consultant in our grants team, recommends a Guardian article about a community in Frome, Somerset, who have rejected big party politics and taken back control of their local council by voting for independent candidates.

“Frome’s example of flatpack democracy represents a different approach to community participation and, like community business, is a great way for communities to take back power.”

Read How Flatpack Democracy beat the old parties: Guardian, 22 May 2015)