Once you’ve had a grant from Power to Change, you’ll get access to a whole range of support to help you become better equipped for the challenges of running a community business.

Promoting your community business

We help our grantees to promote the achievements of their organisation and raise public awareness of community business. When you become a Power to Change grantee, we will give you guidance about announcing your award and can give you ongoing support with PR to celebrate every milestone. Just get in touch.

Grantee workshops

As a successful grantee, we will invite one or two of your senior management team to grantee workshops where you will hear from inspiring speakers with long-standing expertise in community business. We want to help your community thrive so our grantee workshops will help you take your general business and management skills to the next level, in courses that are tailored to the needs of community business. Grantee workshops are delivered by our partners, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Plunkett Foundation. The content is also informed by the expert input of our Community Business Panel, some of the biggest names in the field.

You will also get to meet other community businesses. We know that sharing your knowledge with your peers and learning from your respective experiences in running your enterprises will be invaluable. The networking you do and the relationships you forge will probably be the most important legacy from our grantee workshops.

Business development support

We also provide grantees with funding for specific additional business development support (BDS) across a range of areas, such as social impact measurement, business planning and community engagement. This can be provided face-to-face or remotely and will be detailed as part of your grant offer letter. Grantees access BDS through our online marketplace where you can post briefs and search for providers. Please speak to the grant administrators, BE Group, for more details.

We have developed a guide to working with consultants to help you get the best out of your BDS plus some handy advice notes and checklists on common concerns like building design, governance and consultant reporting. Please read the guide before getting started on the marketplace.



How to use the Power to Change logo

The logo you use as a grant recipient is called the grantee logo. It is different to the Power to Change corporate logo that you can see on our website, for example. The whole logo shows both the source of your funding (Power to Change) and how it was raised (through the National Lottery, via the Big Lottery Fund). Read more about how to use our logo in our grantee guidelines.

If you need a copy of our logo, please download it from here.

Kiveton team at the new sports venue

Getting publicity

Publicity is a great way to get more local people to engage with your community business, and to help raise awareness among the public. We know writing press releases can be time consuming so here is a template to announce your award. Please send us the press release to review, with 48 hours’ notice. Find out more about how to talk about community business, Power to Change and your grant in our grantee guidelines.